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About conference

Improve IT 2022 is a one-day, free conference dedicated to IT companies, their employees and all to whom quality, UX and Agile are important part of everyday work. The main topic is User Experience and Accessibility quality - and how we may utilize its potential in the world of Agile. 

The conference creates a space to share knowledge, know-how - provides possibility to think about questions and actively look for answers to these. 

This year we come with interesting prelections, opportunities for networking and to finalize the day - a non-obligatory integration meeting for all interested participants. 

We encourage all parties interested in participation in this conference to contact us. 


The organizers of the event are the team that for the past 7 years has been creating 3QA. We are passionate about quality. In the Tri-City, we create a space for the exchange of knowledge and integration of the IT environment, which is close to the values we promote.


Gdańsk Science and Technology Park

Trzy Lipy 3 Street, Building C, level -1 Room FGH

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